Monday, May 31, 2004

Summer Camp Ambush! I got a call last week from a panicky Puerto Rican pastor. Two different pastors planned the Senior High camp but nobody planned the junior camp. They gave me a call and asked me to come to the rescue. So I will be preaching twice a day and doing about 24 object lessons and experiments the third week of June. Please pray for our camp and our youth group. If you have a favorite object lesson or science experiment that has a spiritual application, please share it with me. Posted by Hello

Progress in our Church. Tina and girls arrive in Pensacola

Progress in our Church.

Wilfredo is an active and talented church member. I have been after him to preach and he has finally agreed to preach. His first sermon will be June 6. Pray for Wilfredo. My desire for him is that he will be encouraged, continue growing and that the church might continue benefiting from his ministry.

Tina and girls arrive in Pensacola

Tina just called me from Florida. They all had a nice trip and arrived in good condition. The college student assigned to pick them up forgot about it, so Tina hired a taxi to get her to the college. What impressed me is that the College paid the cab fare because of the mix up! I feel better sending my daughters there, knowing that the staff is so considerate. Since they arrived Memorial Day week-end, the campus was like a Ghost town, so I will have to wait a bit more before they can give me any information about their new jobs and living arrangements.

Friday, May 28, 2004

My assistant Pastor Rosendo is getting married to Sugely. Rosendo is from Mexico and Sugely is a Puerto Rican girl that was one of my students. Rosendo plans to start a church in San Louis Potosi, in central Mexico. He graduated with a BS in Education, but wants to get his MA. I hope he comes back for a few years more, I sure enjoyed having him as my assistant. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Our family together. I hope we can see the girls during Christmas vacation! Posted by Hello

Ouch! Our 1992 Mini Van is in the shop! I have to get Tina and the girls to the airport Saturday and our car has a bad seal between the transmission and the engine. The cost will be about $300. Please pray for us as a lot of people depend on our vehicle. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Greetings from our home in Puerto Rico! Come and visit! Posted by Hello

Bethany and Rachel get their drivers licenses!

The rush is on to finish all unfinished projects and tie-up loose ends in preparation for the big event. It is hard to believe they will both be off to college in 9 (gasp) days! Getting a drivers license in Puerto Rico is a death defying feat. I feel that learning to drive here will qualify them to drive any mountain road in the US. None the less, I am happy they are going to college in the very flat state of Florida!

Daughters and Church members off to Bible College and the Mission Field

My two oldest daughters are going to Pensacola Christian College May 29. They have been accepted into the work program and so we must say good-bye to them soon. Bethany will begin as a Graphics Arts major and Rachel as a Business major with a minor in Spanish.

Rosendo, my assistant Pastor, graduated from our Bible College and is returning to Mexico to be a missionary to his own country. Tulio, a young musical prodigy from Peru, has been helping us this last semester. He will be spending the summer helping his father start a church among Latin-American immigrants in North Carolina.

I will miss my daughters and my helpers. Yet they are all going forward and doing such great things, so I am comforted, encouraged and even excited about what God may accomplish through such quality young people as these.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Follow Missionary Activities in Puerto Rico, USA

This is the first day of a new experiment to provide church members at home a way to follow events on the mission field as they unfold. Stay tuned!