Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fun with Garbage!

My primary ministry is church planting, but we also have a Bible college ministry to provide future pastors for the churches we are starting. One of my classes this semester is Physical Science. We have a pretty low budget Science department down here at Puerto Rico Baptist College and so are always looking for inexpensive ways to teach science. I have worked hard at finding inexpensive but quality projects and have come up with some experiments that the students seem to enjoy.

Yesterday we made the "Cartesian Diver" out of 2 liter coke bottles, straws and paper clips. When you squeeze the bottle, the little submarine you made inside the bottle sinks and when you relax your grip, the submarine goes up. With a little practice you can cause it to suspend itself perfectly still in the center of the bottle. I made an object lesson out of it by talking about the ups and downs of emotions, squeezing the sides of the bottle to show how pressure and stress may cause depression. Then I took off the top of the bottle to show a soul open to God in prayer. Then I squeezed again to show what happens to a praying Christian under stress. The submarine does not go down, but rises higher than ever before!

I really enjoy teaching science lessons that can be used as object lessons. I can imagine the 15 students in my class using this object lesson when they graduate and serve in churches all around the world. And then I get a really big smile on my face and my spirits rise higher than ever before!
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Help! A Lizard is on my head!

Tina was gardening outside today and a lizard ran up her leg, her shirt and kept going right to the top of her head. She couldn't see where it was to grab it, so she walked over to some neighbor kids and asked, "Could you please help me get this lizard off of my head?" There was some laughter, but they managed to help Tina and the lizard escaped unharmed, so no one is the worse for the experience. And on the positive side, the neighbor kids now have a funny story to tell about us! Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12
Left Side of the Church Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: The Lords Supper Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Right Side of the Church just after the service ended: a family of four left just before the picture was taken. Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Teenagers helping with the little kids Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Victor: We will announce his desire to be baptized Sunday Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12:
Girl Talk Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Guy Talk Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Special Music Posted by Hello

Share our service! Good Friday: 10 Am - 12: Little disciple Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It seems a long way off, but we have some meetings shaping up already and need to look ahead to the end of the year. I was originally going to return in August, but we lost two teachers at Puerto Rico Baptist College this semester and I need to bridge the gap until Christmas break of this year.

We hope to fly into southern California in December, visit my family, and then stop in on a few churches as we work our way up to Tacoma, Washington. In January we have some meetings in the Tacoma area and then plan on heading out east a few states at a time until about April of 2006. Our daughters have been raised for the most part in Puerto Rico, so we have been thinking of showing them America during this trip. I have in mind to end our furlough in the Washington, DC area so we can show them some of the grandeur of our own country.

It is a bit scary making plans like this. Your help can make a big difference. We ask for your prayers, hospitality, financial aid, company and willingness to lend us a car, a camper, a hand or a place to stay for the night when we are in your area. We have felt a bit scared before, but the Lord has always blessed others who in turn have become a blessing to us. We hope we may be a blessing to you during our visit and personally thank you for your kindness and prayers for our family and our work among the people of Puerto Rico.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A young college girl, Leann Deweese, is coming to help us this Summer. She is in her second year at Northland Bible College in Wisconsin. I heard that she is fluent in Spanish and has helped out in a Spanish VBS in Texas. She has a heart for missions and would like to spend her summer break on the mission field this year helping us here in Puerto Rico. Amen! I hope Leann will be a good example to other young people in the States who should consider serving the Lord on the mission field. What are you going to do with your Summer?
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

He Couldn't Wait!

We led 24-year-old Victor to the Lord a few weeks ago and went to visit him Tuesday night. Victor was not home, but his mother gave him a call on his cell phone and he returned home just to meet with us. We had a bible study with him and mentioned baptism. Victor said he wanted to be baptized and that we could announce it in church this coming Sunday! During the bible study, we mentioned a passage of scripture and Victor said: "I read that passage last night!" I was a little surprised and said; "Are you reading the your bible all by yourself?" Victor smiled and said; "Yes!" Now that is the kind of convert I like! One who just can't wait to read God's word! Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Full Service Servant. Tulio is our young assistant pastor. He just turned 18 this week, but is over half way through his 4 year college degree. Tulio visits with me Saturdays, helps in the youth group Friday nights, leads congregational singing Sundays and preaches at least once a month in the church. He is unsure if he will return to Peru, go to North Carolina to help his father build a church or perhaps go to Bolivia as a missionary. We are happy to have him in our church, our Bible College and our home. He even cooks (sometimes) and washes dishes! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Somebody Gets Saved

Carlos and Zuley came to church Wednesday night at my invitation. Another young man named Manuel dropped by unexpectedly. I presented the good news of the gospel to them and all three prayed, asking Jesus Christ to be both their Lord and their Savior.

Carlos and Zuley are getting married March 23rd and want to build their new life together upon the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Manuel just happened to come that night and heard what council I had to give the young couple. We all went home rejoicing!
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spiritual Refreshment

I came across a book written by William Penn that has given me some spiritual refreshment. The book is called: "Some Fruits of Solitude." I read this quote this morning:

"There is nothing of which we are apt to be so lavish as of Time, and about which we ought to be more solicitous; since without it we can do nothing in this World. Time is what we want most, but what, alas! we use worst; and for which God will certainly most strictly reckon with us, when Time shall be no more."
Amen! The text of his book is free online. Just click the title of this post and it will take you there.
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Friday, March 04, 2005

Lost Sheep Pays a Visit

I baptized a young college age woman named Zuley about two years ago but she stopped attending church soon after her baptism. She has been dating a non-Christian young man named Carlos. Carlos has a lot of respect for our church and has visited us a good number of times. Well, Carlos and Zuley want to get married and came to church Wednesday night to talk to me about it. I told them that I was happy about them in general and that I would counsel them and perform the wedding, on the condition that they were both of the same faith. I said that I could marry sheep to sheep and goats to goats but not a goat to a sheep. They both responded well to our initial pre-marital counseling session and understood about building their new family upon a firm foundation of faith. Please pray that Carlos will be moved to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior and that he and Zuley will become members of a good church, hopefully ours! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Time to upgrade our Missionary Presentation!

Furlough seems a long way off, but we are beginning to feel the need for improving our missions display and multimedia missions presentation. We used to call it a "Slide Show." Now we are hoping to present our field in a new way using a DVD player and a video projector. I have the DVD player but need to borrow or buy a projector. We hope to be in the States in around November of 2005 and into the early part of 2006. Save us a place in your Missions conference! We will need some help during our upcoming furlough. Places to stay, a car or camper to borrow and some friendly people to fellowship with, will go a long way toward providing just what we need. Please see if you can help us with some of our needs this year. Posted by Hello