Saturday, September 29, 2007

Babies in Church! Handfulls of blessings!

We are having 2 sisters present their two new babies in church tomorrow. Another couple is doing the same. Three babies in arms makes for a handful! Time to get a crib! We have a sofa in the back of the church the mothers used but now we have to get with it and get a real nursery going. A crib costs about $200 and we need at least two for now.

I am trying to change our emphasis to younger couples. We have had good success with elderly people, but funerals, sickness and especially Alzheimer's among our church group has really reduced our attendance lately. These three infants and their parents represent the beginnings of what I hope will be many more young couples coming into our church.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The “Chair Force”

Some men in the military make fun of pilots who fly remote controlled aircraft in combat. They call these stay at home soldiers “The Chair Force” instead of the “Air Force.”

But think for a moment of this scenario:

A man is sitting in a chair in Nevada, watching his computer monitor and flying an airplane in Afghanistan …

“In front of him is a live video from the Predator's camera, thousands of feet above the desert floor. Buildings and trucks come into view. He zooms in and out. Grainy images appear of a few airmen loading a truck. On his left, he grabs a shifter that controls the drone's speed. On his right, a pistol-grip stick adjusts the flaps. The stick also has a trigger for the missiles …”

This man can see a need on the other side of the world, push a button, remove a problem and contribute to a victory! Even from far away, a man can make victory possible by doing something that seems small, but in reality, means the difference between life and death, victory or defeat.

Wow! But wait…You can do something even better!

Just like the “Chair Force” pilot, you can see the needs we missionaries face from far away by reading our prayer letters and our blogs. You too can do something right now to solve a problem. You have the power of prayer, and also the opportunity to push a button that will help make victory possible for us out here on the front lines! The power you have and the battles we fight are of great importance. Victories are won by working together, each doing what he can to make it happen. We hope you can help us out here on the frontlines. Please push whatever buttons you need to, so we can get the “Chair Support” we need!

If you can’t be in the Air Force, join the Chair Force! Victories are won when we all do our part.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blessings for Obedience

Did you ever give up something for the Lord and then receive a blessing for it later? That happened to me today!

Before I became a missionary, I was interested in electronics. I even got a FCC Technicians license and was proud of my call sign: KA7URH. This allowed me to use a Ham ("Amateur," 2-way long distance) radio.

Well, I got the license, but never got on the air! The radios were to expensive! Now, with a wife and two teenage daughters at home and two in college, this is even more true. Life on a missionary budget meant that hobbies must be left behind.

But something happened!

The fine folks at "Blessings for Obedience" heard about us and sent us a FREE radio (a Kenwood TS-430s)! They also included a solar panel, battery and other stuff so we can use it around the island, even after a hurricane has knocked out all the power.

Thank you, Blessings for Obedience! Just the cost of shipping the equipment was close to $90. We thank the people who donated the equipment and those dedicated missionary helpers who took it upon themselves to put this useful technology into our hand!

I hope to get on the radio soon, and thank you over the airwaves in person!

Dios Les Bendiga (May the Lord Bless You All)!