Sunday, October 14, 2007

I went to California for a great missons conference..!

Sierra Baptist Church, of Newcastle, California hosted the "Heartbeat of God" Missions Conference this weekend. I flew in from Puerto Rico and was treated to good fellowship, great hospitality and inspiring services. Thanks to Dave Klem, the event organizer, the conference went smoothly and all the missionaries got a chance to share their burdens, visions and past progress on their respective fields.

My special thanks to the Linder family, who took me sight-seeing and to the Yefimovs for the great hospitality and to their kids for teaching me some Russian.For a look-see at the conference, visit

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Personal Goal Announcement

Last Saturday I went to the University of Puerto Rico and took an exam from their Physics teacher. He was giving exams for a FCC Radio License that enables those who hold it to use a kind of shortwave radio for worldwide communications. I was teaching a Physics class myself at our Bible college, so I just did a little more study and I qualified to take the exam. I was afraid I would do badly and be a poor testimony, but the Lord answered my prayers and I passed the test with a 100! My new FCC designation is WP4NVR.

I didn't know babies would take up so much room!

The church attendance went down during my last absence, but last Sunday, we had a special service and many came. Three couples presented their babies during the morning service. I am happy they brought their extended families as well, as it filled up our church nicely!

Who would have thought that three babies could fill up a church? Well, I am glad they did!