Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Not-very-white Christmas!

The only white in Christmas I have seen in Puerto Rico comes from a gift I received from one of my students: Goat milk and coconut cookies!

I still enjoy the song, especially when it is 85 degrees outside on December 25th.

So far I am OK with most of the Christmas food and customs here, but I heard the ladies of the church planning a New Years Day Dinner that features "chicharrones," deep fried pork cut up into bite size cubes with the pig skin still on it.

Though it is tasty, I am sure, it sounds like a dangerous meal! Well, I am sure it will be better than the blood sausages my neighbor tried to give me.

I think I will stick to the goat milk and coconut cookies!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy for the gift, Sad for the Circumstance!

We just recieved this sad and glad news from our mission agency :

"Dissolution of Aurora Drive Baptist Church" [San Leandro, California]


As you probably know Aurora has been going through a lengthy process with the state of CA. I have received word that a check is finally in the mail to the mission. There is to be a check for $36,000 representing 15 yrs support at $200/mo. to be dispersed at $200/mo for the duration you remain with CBM up to a maximum of 15 years."
Wow! And, No, I didn't know! This is very good news for us. The $200 monthly raise in our support level is a big chunk of the $800 we are trying to raise to reach our full support level. We are pleased that Aurora did this for us, but sad to hear that they are no longer there.

In a way, the gift has given them a new life, as we will use it to begin churches here in Puerto Rico and for the training of church planters at Puerto Rico Baptist college. The gift of love from a dying church will be transformed, by God's grace, into a number of churches, some in our own country.

Thank you Aurora Drive Baptist Church, we will always remember you!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Birthday Blessings: Lots of Bible, Lots of Blessings!

My birthday party (I will be 53 Monday) put me in the mood to meditate on how I have been using my time, and I am happy to say that most of it has been positive.These last few months, we have filled up our weeks with a lot of times and places where we can share the word of God with others and it has proved to be a great blessing.

Monday through Friday, I give morning devotions to 50 high school students. Some afternoons and evenings I am responsible for the teaching of a variety of classes at Puerto Rico Baptist College, but even in classes like Physics or Chemistry, we relate each concept with biblical teachings. Fridays, I go in extra early and to give devotions to the teachers. Wednesday and Sunday, I preach and teach at the church we are starting up in the interior mountain region of the island.

The only day I am not scheduled to teach or preach is Saturday, and then I may have an opportunity to share my faith with someone as we visit and invite people to come to our church. Saturday is always a great day for Bible study in preparation for our Sunday services.

Do I get tired? Yes! But it is a good kind of tired! I don't mind getting tired if I am having fun! A week full of sharing the Bible with others is always a great week!