Wednesday, February 20, 2008

High School athlete finds a new Coach...

A 16 year old high school student named Chris Montezuma was working on an English paper and asked me for help. Chris is a real soccer fanatic and all around great teen, but he was struggling with his homework and came to me for assistance. The assignment was to write about a "Testimony" which is the story of how a person became a Christian or experienced some great change in their life.

The teen athlete said, "My parents say I am a Christian, but I never remember making any decision about that, so I really don't have a testimony."

I asked, "Would you like to make your own decision about this? I can show you some verses from the Bible and you can decide for yourself and then you can have your own testimony and not have to trust something so important to the memories of other people."

He nodded his head emphatically, so we sat down and opened the Bible and read some wonderful passages of how God has worked in history to reconcile man to himself and what young Mr. Montezuma could do to make what he read a part of his own personal history. Chris then prayed and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

After we prayed, I went to shake Chris's hand, but he surprised me by pulling my hand toward himself and then giving me a big bear hug! Chris left smiling but I think I was smiling just as much as he was!

Now Chris has his own testimony of his very own and I am thrilled to have had a part in it!