Monday, March 10, 2008

Having Fun Working Hard

We are primarily involved in starting churches with the goal of growing our churches to the point where they become indigenous (pastored by a local pastor), independent and self-sustaining.
Sometimes the church is ready to take the next step and we are ready to leave, but there is no one ready to step in and continue the work. For this reason we train pastors, missionaries, and Christian school teachers at Puerto Rico Baptist College.

Teaching at the Bible College is not just an extra duty for me, but one of the most fun things I can think of doing! I love being around young people who are exited about the future. I am thrilled when we hear of their successes. About five of my former students are teaching at the Christian High school near us and two of my former assistant pastors now have churches of their own. We rejoice with them.

Some jobs sap energy out of you and others give you energy. Teaching a couple of classes a year at Puerto Rico Baptist College really recharges my battery and keeps us keeping on in the tough work of church planting. Who said you can't have fun on the mission field? We are!