Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Florida Adventure

We are enjoying a few weeks with our daughters here in Florida as we await their upcoming weddings. It is great to have some family time. Besides shopping for decorations and the 1001 other things that go into a wedding, we have found time to visit and speak in a couple of great churches here in Florida.

*Amazing Grace Baptist Church, 4835 Deer Run Rd, St. Cloud, FL

This is a church meeting in a home and is a church with a great future. Pastor Alden & Marie Wightman are great hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay with them.

The Wigthmans took us to The Holyland Experience ( and we saw some authentic papiri, a model of 1rst century Jerusalem and some good dramas and even a musical. Thanks, it was great!

*Maranatha Baptist Church, 35 Maranatha Boulevard, Sebring, FL 33870
Dr. Gerald Webber, Pastor -Phone: (863) 382-4301

Though in a retirement community, this church had over 100 people out on a Wednesday night prayer meeting! And they all came early! Really, this is a fun church to go to, even if you aren't retired!

* Irving Park Baptist Church, 5001 71 St. N, St Petersburg, FL
I spoke Sunday night at this church and enjoyed the good fellowship. A good number of "Snowbirds" go here. We were impressed with there friendly, upbeat manner.

So...even in our family vacation time, our ministry is still moving forward. Family, fun and fellowship with others all go together to make for a refreshing time for us.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

They did it!

They Did It!

Bethany and Rachel graduated from college Wednesday! Bethany had a double major: Graphic Design and Commercial Art. Rachel's major was missions. She got a special award for academic achievement for having a 4.0 for her four years.

Are we proud? You betcha! We praise the Lord, but also recognize the hard work and celebrate the achievements of our children. Great work girls!

A friend is collecting their mail for them for the next few months. It is:

Mark Smith
920 Langley Ave
Pensacola, FL 32504

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Here are four college age girls we have taught and that are part of our ministry here in Puerto Rico. This is how they are going to spend there summer vacation.

(From left to right)
1. Michele: A Puerto Rican girl, she is going to go to Mexico and help some church planters with a Summer Outreach program, 2. Stephanie: A girl from Vermont who is studying missions on the mission field, learning Spanish and helping us in our church planting in Puerto Rico. She is returning to Vermont and will spend her summer working in Bible Camp ministries. 3.Dorcas: A girl from Peru, studying Christian Education with us in Puerto Rico. She is going on the Summer missions trip to Mexico with Michele. 4. Marta: A Mexican girl from California studying Christian Education with us a Puerto Rico Baptist College. She teaches alongside Stephanie in our Sunday School. Marta plans to go to Bolivia this summer on a missions trip and then return to California to be involved in some Summer ministries there.

All four plan on returing to help the work here in Puerto Rico and then go of into various mission fields and ministries upon graduation.

We are proud of these great college girls. Our ministry is multiplied many fold through the good work of quality christian young people like these. Your support is making some great things possible in Puerto Rico, but not just in Puerto Rico! We are happy to report that ministries are multiplying and the work of missions is being helped by great young people such as these.