Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Online Mind Mapping - MindMeister

Here is a site I use when trying to solve a difficult problem or tackle a large project. It helps with brainstorming and then relating the ideas to each other and by doing so generates a map to help you plot a solution to those big jobs. It is like a sheet of graph paper that allows you to make flow charts, assign priorities, put red flags and other icons next to items, etc.

Currently I am unravelling the mysteries of the Puerto Rico tax system and its relationship to the IRS. This is a very confusing topic. Mindmeister is helping me chart, tag and interrelate all the info I am getting and has helped a lot.

Now, if it could only pay those pesky taxes!

Online Mind Mapping - MindMeister

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rod and reel rescue

As a missionary, I visit and invite people to respond to God's grace in a positive manner. I can tell you that we are not often welcomed as heroes, like the guy in the news article below. It is a great illustration, when you compare this heroic rescue to what the bible calls being "Fishers of Men!"

Rod and reel rescue - Posted By ASSOCIATED PRESS, Posted 2 days ago

HALLOWELL, Maine – A man who was drowning in a Maine river is recovering after someone reeled him in with a fishing rod.

Bob Greene of Hallowell says he heard what he thought was a bird early Thursday as he was having his morning coffee.

He then realized there was a man bobbing in the Kennebec River. Greene says a 911 dispatcher told him to throw something to the man. He snagged the man’s shirt with a fishing lure and reeled him in.

The rescued man is in critical condition at a Portland hospital.

Bob Greene will be thought of as a hero, and he deserves it. But what of those who effect the rescue of an eternal soul? These are real heroes as well. Too bad they don't get treated as well by the news media!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you smarter than a vacuum cleaner?

A friend of mine in Puerto Rico bought his wife a Roomba, which is a robotic vacuum cleaner. It has the amazing ability to sense when it is low on power and to return to its home base, where it plugs in for a recharge.

From what I read in the Bible and see in my own experience, men and women disconnected from God all too soon use up their small deposit of energy and cease functioning. I hope that we can become as smart as a Roomba, and find our way back to the original source of power and life and stay plugged in so we can get the job done that we were created to do!

Running on low? Time to return to the source and get plugged in and powered up!

I hope you will be found as smart as that vacuum cleaner that knows where to go when the batteries run low!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Drip that Moved!

Tina asked friends to pray that our leaky roof would get some over-do attention from our landlady, and it did in a surprising way!

The leak was dripping right over our bed onto Tina's forehead, and she mentioned it a few times, but nothing was done. A nephew of our landlady cleaned the roof a bit and put a bit of paint up there, but it did not fix the leak. But the drip has moved to our landlady's side of the house is dripping on her head in her bedroom now!

So the pray was answered, the roof is getting a lot of attention now!