Thursday, August 27, 2009

Power Problems. What to do?

The electricity has been going out a lot lately. I don't mind getting out the candles and the Coleman lantern that much. It is kind of adventurous and reminds me of camping out.

What I DO mind is trying to work and sleep in Puerto Rican heat and humidity with no fans, no ice and no cold drinks. Sleeping in damp sheets is no fun. One or to days of this is tolerable. But once we we without electricity for AN ENTIRE MONTH.

We are thinking of getting a power generator, but they run around $800. I guess we will just have to sweat it out and be philosophical about it.

We are thinking of getting some sort of emergency food supply for those long power outages. I came across "Canned Bacon" the other day, but I think we will just stick with extra tuna fish cans for the time being.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Near miss by Hurricane Bill and Storm Ana

Thank you to those of you who prayed for us and expressed concern about the approach of TROPICAL STORM ANA and HURRICANE BILL. Just a few days ago, the weather forecast had them heading straight for Puerto Rico.

We felt like the number one pin in the bowling alley watching these big monsters rolling towards us. But little by little, like bowling balls that curve away just inches before a strike, these storms veered away; ANA to the south and BILL to the north.

The good news is, they missed us. Hurray! The bad news is, many people had to prepare for the storms they didn't know were going to miss us. So, we missed some key people Sunday. But we got through the week, thankful for being spared a very nasty encounter with HURRICANE BILL.

It has been very hot here lately. The heat index (opposite the "wind chill" index) has been 100 or more almost all week. It seems odd that at night, when the temperature drops to 75-80, we feel cool.

We keep working, visiting, teaching and preaching. Tina is cooking in a hot kitchen at Puerto Rico Baptist College during the day. We try to find ways to keep cool. But we are happy in our work and feel blessed. We are content to sweat a little to get the job done here in Puerto Rico.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unexpected Interuptions

Saturday evening, the weather charts had THREE hurricane/storms heading directly for Puerto Rico. A lot of panic ensued and a good number of people in our church stayed home to prepare.

Even though we had low attendence today, there was a good spirit in the service. The non-Christian brother of a member came and seemed to enjoy the service.

The funeral home down the block had a large funeral at the same time as our service and their music blasted over some big speakers for the entire neighborhood to hear. It was tough singing in competition with that, so we just had one song and went right into the sermon.

The people hung around for about an hour after the service and we enjoyed fellowship with them all.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hurricanes on the way

Three storms looking to become hurricanes are in the North Atlantic. Ana, Bill and an unnamed one. Already I am getting calls of people not coming to church to prepare for a possible hit.

Ana looks like it will hit us head on.

Bill looks like it might just miss us to the North, but it could be trouble if it hits us.