Friday, September 25, 2009

I think we really are making some good progress down here...

I think we really are making some good progress down here. We have:

Progress in our Church
We painted the church basement and are close to finishing up. Thank you, Alpine Baptist youth group and Pastor Scott Florida from Michigan. Now we are almost ready to move our small Sunday School down there. Now we can work on making our small Sunday School into a BIG Sunday school.

We are training 3 new students this year in our church. They doing visitation with us, teaching, helping with the music and doing a lot of the painting. They are: Jose Ivan, a Mexican from the San Fransico area; Laura, from the cloud-forests of Colombia; and Ashley, from Mexico.

Progress in Our College
I am taking our Christian education majors from Puerto Rico Baptist College in everyday to a Christian school for teaching experience. Tina is cooking for the college this year. We get free lunches! Yeah!

Progress in Our Family
Our 17 year old twin daughters are doing great in our revamped homeschooling. And our granddaughter is getting cuter every day. Our Oldest daughter Bethany is preparing for her Masters degree art show in Pensacola, and we will proudly attend.
They are good kids, getting smarter and better looking every day.

I think that is enough to make anybody feel like they are making some progress. It works for me!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Soul Winning Day"

Books and study are not everything!

It is important for the students at Puerto Rico Baptist College to have social outings, work projects and group activities that involve helping others. One of these activities provided by the college is called "Soul Winning Day."

All the students, plus our 17 year old twins, Sarah and Kristin, went and participated in this just a few days ago. They all got in the student van and went to a small church pastored by Rosendo, a young Mexican student I trained and who served as my assistant pastor for 2 years. There they passed out tracts and invited people to the church. It was a great experience for everyone. Sarah and Kristin had a great time, Rosendo's church got some help and the college kids got the satisfaction of helping a fellow student.

The picture is of another outing we had, but it gives you an idea of how full and how fun the van can get!

I confess, Sarah and Kristin's attitude toward all this was my main concern. I am happy my daughters enjoyed serving others and got a little appreciation for what their dad does during the week.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cramming and Commuting

Early in the mornings and late in the afternoon, I fill my van with student teachers. I take a group of six of our Puerto Rico Baptist college kids to a Christian school so they can get experience teaching. It is a lot of fun to hear their excitement, eagerness and youthful kidding during our daily commute. It is a real trill to walk on that campus with students I have personally taught and see them go and teach others.

Saturdays, I take three of them to visit with me for our church. Sundays, the same three go with me to teach Sunday School, help with the song service or fill in where needed.

So our we keep our car busy hauling college kids all week long. We enjoy them when we they are with us. We are proud of them too. Great job guys! Keep up the good work!