Friday, May 28, 2010

Missionary Wife Month!

May turns out to be the month I get to celebrate Tina, my lovely and talented wife. I call it Tina's Month - our anniversary is the 7th, then there is Mom's Day & her birthday is the 31st.

This usually means a couple of nice nights out to some nicer than usual restaurants, a couple of funny presents, some earrings and a new something for the house or a lemon tree, etc. for the garden.

This year our daughter Bethany and her husband Abe are going to St Croix, US Virgin Islands as missionaries, and Tina wants to go visit them. I do too, but even though it is a neighboring island, it is more than a bit tight around here, coming soon after our new house purchase, termite adventure & kitchen rebuild.

But... I really want to keep the wife happy, so we are going to try and make it happen.

Hint: I could use some help!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Getting our hands dirty: Car Trouble

Last night the bumper fell off of our 2002 Honda Odyssey and our 1999 Toyota Previa wouldn't start. Our girls were stranded at the church and had to find a ride home with the Aunt of a friend of theirs. Tina and I have been working on attaching the bumper today.

The check engine light came on and I took the Honda to Pep Boys for a computer scan. They said it was the transmission and I could be looking at about $4000 for parts and labor.

We don't have the time or money to get this fixed right now. So for the immediate future I am just keeping the fluids filled and driving carefully.

The drive to church tomorrow will have my full attention.