Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing tests love like a dead cat...

Sunday was a great day for our church. I asked all the members to come, challenged them with my vision of the ministry of our church for the coming year and asked them for their input and help.

One woman volunteered to start a Ladies Prayer meeting on Saturdays and invite neighbors. A man in our church who I have asked to preach, offered to do so as often as I wished.

But the greatest visible and immediate contribution came from a poor man named Mike, who attends our services.

This last Sunday between Sunday School and our main service, I noticed a bad smell coming from the Sunday School rooms. I found a dead cat behind a sheet of plywood in an advanced stage of decomposition. I went to get a shovel, a bottle of bleach and Mike follwed me. When he saw the cat he said "Pastor, you just go upstairs and preach, I'll take care of this dead cat for for you."

I was never so relieved to say, "OK thanks!"  and get back to preaching in my life.

A lot of people promise a lot of good things, but praise God for the guy that will clean up a dead cat for you.  That is really love in action.