Friday, June 22, 2012

Viral Nerve Attack (warning: gross picture)

I thought I was coming down with the Dengue fever, because I have had that tropical disease and the symptoms were initially the same. But then something didn't happen. I expected a fever to set in but nothing like that happened. I thought I must have a mild case of it and would recover quickly.

No such luck.

The itching became worse and broke into extremely painful fiery red sores on my right side. I went to the doctor and he said that I had "Shingles," a painful infection of the nerve cells by the same virus (Herpes Zoster) that causes Chicken Pox. It lies dormant and for unknown reasons reactivates and causes havoc from inside the nerve cells.

I was given an antiviral pill to take 3x a day, a pain pill to take 2x a day and some sleeping pills. Managing the medications, the pain and trying to get all our work done lately has been a challenge. I am thankful for Tina's good attitude and loving care during this time. Please for our family, our health and our ministry.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Prayer letter- June 2012

I embedded our prayer letter here in this post. Please download, print and share it where people will read it and pray for us.

Prelgovisk Prayer Letter June 2012

Do Puerto Ricans Really Eat Iguana?

I found an iguana warming himself by a fire. Two Puerto Ricans nearby explained that they eat them. Here is a short video from my Ipod all about it.

Caribbean Business has a good article on the practice:

PR to kill invasive iguanas, export meat

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Dengue Dilemma

I am feeling some symptoms of Dengue Fever. It starts out as burning, sensitive skin, like an invisible sunburn. If it is the Dengue, then it wil be followed by a fever, then an few days of extremely itchy hands and feet and then general weakness for about a week. 

Dengue is a tropical desease carried by mosquitos. There is no treatment for it other than rest and not getting dehydrated. Tina justmade me a berry smoothie, so I am glad she is keeping an eye on me. 

I don't expect it to be full blown Dengue, that involves internal bleeding and is called "Break Bone Fever" but the Dengue does leave you very tired for a week after you get it. I just read an article that said it was "Seldom fatal," so I suppose that should cheer me up.

Anyway, please keep us in prayer. My frustration isn't in just being sick, but not being able to do all the things that need doing.

Quick Craft Workshop Idea for Vacation Bible School

This would make a fun and quick craft area for Vacation Bible School or other group activity. I saw it at a Home Depot here in Puerto Rico that was setting up a workshop to teach kids to make small projects like birdhouses.         

Saturday, June 02, 2012

How I Study and Make My Sermons

1. First, I have my own personal devotions. I open "Our Daily Bread" and read the devotion they have, read the scripture and pray.

2. I check with my wife to see when she needs my help during the day and schedule helping her and my study time for the best possible hours.

3. I select some background music for study. I like "Solo Piano Radio" ( or the "Music to Pray By" Podcast  (  I make sure all interrupting electronic devices are off. I have a stack of 3x5 cards for when I am tempted to be distracted by my own random thought or questions. When they pop into my head, I note them on a card so I can deal with them later, then I focus again on the task at hand.

4. I open "e-Sword," a free Bible program that has English, Spanish and other language Bibles, plus dictionaries and commentaries. My old computer is getting cranky, so I might have to get a new one. Some days I just use the Bible and 3x5 cards and some rubber bands. I have made some better sermons that way, but they are hard to share when people ask me for a copy.

5. I begin in Spanish from the beginning, to avoid translation pauses during my sermon delivery.  I open Microsoft Word 2010 and use it with a bilingual spell checking dictionary.

6. I copy the verses I plan one using and paste them into the Word document. Then I use e-Sword, and especially TSK (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) to expand on the themes in the text.  I cut and paste the entire Bible verses listed into the document, not just the references.  I do this so that when I give the sermon and the people are looking for the verses in their Bibles, I have the verses right before my eyes and use those moments to gather my thoughts.

7. I look for a "Coherence Coordinator," a unifying structure that will aid in presenting the message and in remembering the message.

8. I look for illustrations, local proverbs, idioms or stories that might serve as an introduction to the main theme of the sermon. I like it best when the same illustration serves as the intro, provides the structure and can be used in the conclusion to echo the introduction and tie everything together well.

9. I run the sermon through my mind, asking these questions: a. What do I want them to think? To feel? To do? B. Why should they care about this? Show them how this makes a difference in their life. C. Does the topic require motivation to some kind of action? If so, provide a “call to action” and an opportunity to make a decision.

10. I try to make it all shorter. I ask myself, "If for some reason I only had 10 min. to teach this, what would be the points I wouldn't want to skip?" I mark those sections. If I am running short on time, I can jump to those marked sections and still deliver a coherent message.

11. I stand up and preach it without apology or referring to the time. If it is good or bad, they will know, I don't have to forewarn them. If I have very little time, why waste it talking about the time? In the time it takes to mention the lack of time, you can teach one more truth.

12. When I'm done, I remind myself that God can use what I just preached any way He likes, whether I get praise for it or not. I have preached sermons where I got a lot of praise, but then nothing happened. On the other hand, some sermons that I have been embarrassed by have produced amazing results. To God be the glory.

PS . If you don’t like my method, please show me how you do it. I will be pleased to learn from your real life experience.