Monday, May 27, 2013

Print and Share Prayer Letter for May-June 2013

Please print out our prayer letter, pray for us and then share it others. You can download the PDF by clicking on the "Download"symbol at the bottom of the image of the letter below. 

Please pass it on physically, post it where it may be read or send it as an email attachment to others who might be willing to pray with us.  

Thanks - Steve Prelgovisk

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Medical Update: What we need and what is happening.

I have surgery scheduled Wednesday, June 5th. I have a nodule that proved to be cancerous in my prostate gland and they are going to remove the entire prostate to make sure they get it all out.

The doctor and the tests seem to indicate that I am a good candidate for a low risk out come, but I am still nervous about it when I hear "only" 30 percent suffer from one complication and 10 percent from another. So please pray for us as I can have peace and a good outcome from this procedure.

Our blessings:
Some of our Puerto Rican churches have sent us checks already and have prayed for us during their services. It is wonderful to us to receive help from churches we have helped in the past.

Our needs:
We have insurance but have to pay about 40 percent of the expenses of such things as CT scans and lab tests. We are facing a $1,500 expense for the surgery and the cost of the medicine, etc. afterwards. Also, during the summer, our income usually dips and we have less resources to meet these needs. Your prayers, encouragement and financial help during this time would be greatly appreciated.

Hurt but in Church

A man in our church had a bad fall and was in the hospital yesterday with a bad skull injury and injured, possibly breaking his ribs. He is awaiting his x-rays to see if they are broken, but in the mean time, and while in pain, he came to church.

He said, "With everything going on, I just had to come here. You are like a father to me."

I had mixed emotions about his attitude. First of all,  I am only 5 years older than him! Also, whenever he heard something he thought was funny in my sermon, he would laugh and grab his ribs and wince in pain at the same time. I hate to see people suffer, but on the other hand his attitude was a good example. He felt troubled and in pain and his first instinct was to come to church and pray with us over his problems.

I wish more people felt that way, running to the house of their Father when in trouble.  Our church is still small, but at least to some in Puerto Rico, it is the place to go to find that help and comfort that comes from God.