Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Broken Pump and a Baptism

The house we bought came with an above ground pool, which comes in real handy for baptisms, serves as a reserve water tank during hurricane season and also a place for the little kids to swim when we have a church fellowship at our home. 

But the pump for the filter rusted out on it and it will cost us $200 to replace it. 

We do have a baptism coming up and I hope that we can get a new pump and have some clean water in there for our next baptism.

Please help us get a new pump. 

If you wish to help, you can click the golden "Donate" button above our picture in the right hand column or contact Continental Baptist Missions and send in a designated amount through them.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

First Fruits From Our AWANA...

AWANA, a Bible club for kids, has a Spanish name: Oansa.

It is new here in Puerto Rico and we thought to give it a try in our small mission church.

For the first few months only a few of the kids from our church would go. But this weekend we saw our "first fruits" from it.

A woman walked by our church last Saturday and peeked in and we spoke to her about our church and the Oansa program. She brought her son yesterday and stayed herself and listened to my devotional. She also talked to one of our lady teachers and prayed with her.

Today she came to church with her son. Her name is Elizabeth. She said that she was studying with the Jehovah Witnesses but was concerned because her Bible seemed to teach something different than what she was hearing at the Kingdom Hall.

Our church was greatly encouraged. We have had people respond to our visits before, but this it the first time in a long while someone just walked in.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but it was a big enough of an event to encourage our church today.

We praise God for the first fruits of this outreach. We pray that we might see more in the future.