Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little Girl Evangelist

The big sister in the blue shirt in this picture comes to our church and is active in our new AWANA program, a Bible club for kids.

Her mother gave a testimony recently that her daughter took 25 gospel tracts from the tract rack in our church and passed them out to all her fellow third-graders in school.

One of the girls that received a tract came back the next day and said that she read the tract. She said that she was sorry about how she was behaving and prayed the prayer at the end of the tract and now wanted to ask forgiveness for her past attitudes.

Our AWANA program is very small and reaches little kids. But apparently even the smallest kids in a the smallest missionary church program can produce great results.

I'm thinking it's because that the God they serve in complete faith honors that faith and it is He that give them great power to accomplish great things for Him.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Missionaries Having Fun

One of the fun things about being a missionary is that the people you reach become friends and some of those friends become fellow pastors and missionaries. The first Saturday of each month we have a Pastors and Missionary fellowship.

You can tell by the faces in the video that we all enjoy each others company. We have a great group of pastors and missionaries. Not everything about being a missionary is fun, but we do have our fun moments, and this is of of them.

The song is "Alegria, Alegria, Alegria" and here is the translation:

Mary and her loving husband,
Are going to Bethlehem,
They have in their company
An almighty God.

Joy, joy, joy,
Joy, joy and pleasure
The Virgin is on her way
With her husband to Bethlehem.

The little birds in the woods,
As they saw the couple pass by,
Sang them melodies
With their harmonious tweets.


Upon reaching Bethlehem,
They asked for lodging,
Nobody wanted to oblige
Because they saw they were so poor.