Thursday, April 23, 2015

We Reach Them Before They Reach You

The more people we reach for Christ on the mission field, the better it is for America.

Soon, 1 in 7 Americans will be foreign born, says the Center for Immigration Studies.

Our Mission field of Puerto Rico is contributing greatly to that trend. There are now more Puerto Ricans living in the States than in all of Puerto Rico. More continue to immigrate.

I am happy to say that many people that have been reached for Christ here are in that immigrant stream. We praise God that the missionary work here has affected not only our island, but also is having an affect on our homeland.

Immigrant Population to Hit Highest Percentage Ever in 8 Years

Friday, April 17, 2015

I need a new phone

This is my phone. 

It is ok for talking and texting, but it is getting old and has no GPS. I would like to upgrade, but can't afford it. If you have upgraded and still have a previous version smartphone, not too terribly old, please consider passing it on to a missionary who would appreciate it.

Our current carrier is Sprint, but we have all the major carriers here in Puerto RIco. There is even 4G LTE service here. The function I am looking for the most is a phone with GPS that I can use on visitation and our missionary travels. 

I have checked on the "Free Phone" deals that many well meaning friends have sent me, but upon going through all the steps to get one, I discovered that some of them cost about twice the cost of a phone that you can purchase yourself. 

So, please consider sending us a phone to help us out down here. While it would be nice to have anything from an iPhone 5s or a Galaxy Note 3 or higher, anything better than what you see above would be greatly appreciated.

We are in the USA mailing system, so we can get regular mail. Our mailing address here is:

Steve and Tina Prelgovisk
33-15 CALLE 31
BAYAMON, PR 00961-4365 USA

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Our Prayer Letter: Please Print and Share it.

I have embedded a PDF of our latest prayer letter here in this post. Please download and print it out to share with others in church or with whoever is willing to pray for and help a missionary.

  Prelgovisk Prayer Letter-Spring 2015

...and then don't forget to pray yourself!