Friday, June 26, 2015

Thieves Strip Our Girl's Dorm of Copper Plumbing

Thieves broke into our Bible College the other night and stripped out all the copper plumbing in the girls' dorm. Thankfully, no girls were sleeping there when the robbery occurred

Apparently that is a big thing down here, now that scrap copper is paying over $2.50 a pound. One of our church members had his house stripped of copper plumbing while he and his wife were asleep in their home and they never heard a thing. In concrete houses, most of the plumbing runs across the roof and down the outside of the walls, so it is easily accessible to thieves.

Please pray for our Puerto Rico Baptist College.

Other needs that we have:

  • Replacing the copper plumbing with non-copper plumbing
  • Repair of a large commercial size refrigerator that we use in our kitchen
  • Repair of the 15 passenger van we use for the College.
  • Funds to support students. 

Students pay $300 a month for room, board and tuition. Students are required to work in local churches during the weekends. Our church takes two students every semester. They help us and we try to help them. Funds that we receive for the students are paid to them through the church and so the financial support helps both the student and the Bible college, as well as our church that benefits from their help.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What Makes California Say, "At Least We're Not Puerto Rico."

We have a drought here in Puerto Rico that is getting severe. They are shutting off the water to our homes for 24 hours every other day. There are fines for non-essential use of water.

I wonder,  will the Government consider filling a baptistry as an essential or nonessential use of water? There is a $750 fine for non-residential misuse of water.

If they impose that, I suppose we can always baptize in the ocean. The only problem there is, sometimes a large wave comes and baptizes everybody before we are ready.

Either way, we will continue doing the Lord's work, the Lord's way.

Be Thankful, California. At Least You're Not Puerto Rico.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Taking our work up a notch, techwise

Just a few years ago, many of the people in our church had no computers or access to the Internet. Now, I see them whip out iPhones and large Galaxy smart phones to share Facebook posts and favorite Youtube videos.

I figured it was about time that we got a web page for our Puerto Rican church. We have passed out a lot of gospel tracts and invited many people to our church, leaving directions on how to find us.  With the new web site, now tech savvy Puerto Ricans can find us.

I found a simple and inexpensive solution. A fellow missionary, Jeremy Markle, told me about Weebly, a hosting site that offers a drag and drop web building site. I was able to build a simple site in just a few hours today. The price is OK, $4 a month for a hosted domain name. I signed up for a year.

I hope this site will be an encouragement to our people and a portal that will bring us into contact with more, local Puerto Rican, who we can help and who in turn can help our church.

Iglesia Bautista de Comerio

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tidal Wave of Puerto Ricans Coming Your Way

The wave of immigration from Puerto Rico to the US has just become a tidal wave. We are here in Puerto Rico trying to reach them before they reach you.

There is a mass exodus of Puerto Ricans leaving the island for greener economic pastures. They aren't dispersing into the surrounding Caribbean nations or Latin American countries.

Puerto Ricans are all naturally born US citizens and can enter the US at any time, just like anybody from American Samoa or the US Virgin Islands would, without any passport.

What happens on the mission field, doesn't always stay on the mission field.

About 4 million Puerto Rican were in the US and another 4 million were content to remain here on the island. Now, it looks like a lot more will be moving to join friends and family residing in the US.

What is done on the mission field will affect those living in the States.

Will the Puerto Ricans entering the US be Christians or not? What will they be packing in their suitcases? What kind of neighbors will they be? We are working here on the island to make a difference, changing the nature of that stream entering the US.

Please help us make that difference by supporting our ministry. You may contact our mission agency here and they will tell you how to do it.

Continental Baptist Missions,, (616) 863-2226
11650 Northland Drive NE, Rockford, MI 49341

Puerto Rico's terrible economy is causing a population exodus