Saturday, December 12, 2015

Puerto Rico Declared "Out of Cash"

The CNN article and video below has our governor declaring that Puerto Rico is out of cash and will likely default on its financial obligations early in 2016.

What does this mean to us?

On a daily level, life is pretty much the same. But unemployment and hard times do effect our missionary church and the people we minister to.

Hopefully, many will seek something better than material security in these troubled times.

Pray with us that we may minister effectively to those who fear for their future. We know God will provide for his children. We hope that many might be added to His family in the years ahead.

Congress is trying to get Puerto Rico out of its 'death spiral'

Sunday, December 06, 2015

How Puerto Ricans Avoid Going Totally Insane

Today, I renewed my driver's license here in Puerto Rico. The gruelling experience was made more bearable by an agreeable surprise.

Long waits and large crowds in government offices are not much fun anywhere. But here in Puerto Rico, the crowds seem larger and the waiting times longer.  After 3 hours, my patience was wearing thin.

Then this guy came in.

A street musician totally entertained us with one song after another, with a short pause in between for a poem and a joke.

Here is my loose translation of one of them:

"Love is blind, we are often taught,
But remember friend, the neighbors are not."

Thank-you Puerto Rican Government employees for not chasing him out of the building. I guess you too needed that breath of fresh air to keep your sanity.

The instrument is the Puerto Rican cuatro. It has 5 pairs of strings and a sweet ringing tone.