Sunday, April 24, 2016

Zika getting worse.

The Zika virus outbreak is getting worse . Even Time magazine is reporting on the spread of this disease.

I feel run down today and may have something. Pray for those of us who serve the Lord in the tropics. There is a lot of stuff here that is not much fun to catch.

Why Puerto Rico Presents Real Challenges in Fighting Zika

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cross Walk

Our town of Comerio, Puerto Rico  installed a lighted cross on one of the highest hills outside of town. It is a custom for Catholic church members to hike up that steep hill every year and pray at the cross.

The road is much steeper than any road would be in the US. Since there is never any snow or ice here, they can build roads at a much steeper angle.

They do that, plus some.

The missionary I worked with before did not like crosses on our churches. He was afraid it would identify us with the Catholics.

But,  a Puerto Rican asked me in a puzzled voice: "You are Baptists? What is that? Is it like Buddhists or something?"

I think I we might be better off with a cross than without one.