Friday, September 23, 2016

The Nights the Lights Went Out

Power went out all over Puerto Rico Wednesday. 

Still out Thursday and Friday. That meant Scrabble night by Coleman lantern for us.

We missed our fans and air-conditioning. Also, with the police stretched thin, security is a concern

On the up side,  we got to eat all the ice cream before it melted.

Our emergency power generator didn't work, so we had to take it into the shop yesterday.

It might not be worth fixing, but all the island is empty of new generators now, so, if we want one soon, getting the old one fixed seems like the best way to make that happen. 

Hopefully we will be up and running before the next power outage hits.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Post-it Note Prayer Prompter

My student assistant Jhonatan Ponce showed me this prayer board someone put up at our Bible college.

Each student has a card that flips up, revealing a prayer request list on a post-it note under their name. The Post-it notes allow prayer requests to be updated easily.

It makes you want to take a look and then pray for them.

I bet it would work for missionaries and church staff members as well.

We all need reminders and prompts to pray for each other.

Please pray for us.

* Our health
* Reaching more Puerto Ricans for Christ
* New committed monthly support.
* Getting our emergency generator refurbished and working.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Our Bible College Kids Are The Best

Preparing Bible college kids for ministry in the church and Christian school is one of the most fun things we do.

Being around young people that have great faith, that have made great sacrifices, and who are among the best Christians we know, is a truly uplifting experience.

This semester I am teaching Introduction to Physics as a part of the Christian Education curriculum. It is challenging to teach it in Spanish, but the experiments are fun and the students are patient with me when I am searching for a word that my language school didn't expect I would be needing.

Quality Christian students are preparing now to reach the world for Christ. They need our help. It cost about $300 a month per student for room, board and tuition. That is not a lot by US standards, but here in Latin America, it is a big expense for these kids. Some few can pay all of it, but some need help. We would like to pay some of them for helping out part time at our church. If you can help us help them, we would appreciate it.

I hope we may be as much of a blessing to these students as they are to us.