Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How a Dead Porcupine Helped Start a Mission Agency

In the 1940's, a business man turned evangelist was visiting a pastor and his wife who lived in the remote, upper peninsula of Michigan. The formerly friendly family seemed unhappy to see him. He found out why. They were down to their last potato, but the pastor had clubbed a porcupine and brought it home. They were loathe to share their only food.  But, they did.

This man shared the story of the poverty and living conditions of the church planting couple with a number of pastors and churches and Hiawatha Missions was born, founded to support church planting missionaries to the rural, forgotten, neglected or otherwise difficult to reach parts of the United States.

I'm sure glad they did. We joined the agency, now known as Continental Baptist Missions, and are in a church planting work in the US Caribbean, among the 3.1 million souls who live on the island of Puerto Rico.

We never had to eat a porcupine, or even a Puerto Rican iguana so far. We are so glad to be working here with Continental Baptist missions and supporting churches who care about reaching the lost in remote places like these.

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Crusaders of Light said...

Steve, this is great! Thank you for posting it! What a great recap of CBM's history!
~ Janis Hoffman