Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cancer Compassion

A year ago, it was me waiting for cancer surgery. Today, I was able to comfort Manuel here after his recent surgery.

When people hear the "C" word, a look of fear comes over their faces, and sometimes I think it disturbs them more than the person who has it.

Manuel and I swapped stories, prayed together and compared scars. He won that contest, which is fine with me. He and I made this selfie so we could show our church members that he is doing fine in the hospital.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Please Do Us This Favor Right Now

Would you be willing to do us a favor?

Tina and I need your help.

A skilled videographer, Josue Laura, a former student of mine, has offered to prepare a missionary video for Tina and I. We hope to encourage viewers of this video to support us so that we may return to the field fully able to be a blessing to those on the mission field and to those who send us.
I am going to ask you to do the following in the next day or so:
Please record a simple, short video (in English, because it is for English speaking churches), more or less along these lines.

1. Your name and where you are from

2. How Tina and I: Have helped you in the past, How we are helping you right now. or How you have seen us help others.


*worked with Tina in the kitchen * we gave you an opportunity to serve in our church. *went soul-winning or did evangelism with us. *worked in a Camp ministry together * helped you develop a spiritual gift * offered hospitality, * opened our home to you *helped you with funds to attend class at the Bible college, *gave you comfort or council that was helpful. *fed you. *took you places. *helped you with you problems, *gave you an opportunity to preach or helped you make a sermon, teach a class or win a child to Christ, *treated you like part of our family, *Encouraged you in some way, helped you become a missionary, etc]

3. How you feel that we could help you succeed in the future in serving the Lord,

4. On the video, say something:
    a. To us: what ever you want
    b. To the people watching the video: What ever you want.

5. Post on Youtube and send us the link, or attach it to an email and send it to both me and to the video editor Josue. Me at: and to Josue at:

Thank you. Please do this soon because Josue has only a limited time to help us.

Steve and Tina Prelgovisk,
Continental Baptist Missions,
Puerto Rico, USA

Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Baptise a Young Woman



"What about my baptism!?"

This young lady came forward to be baptised about a month ago. Every Sunday morning for the last three weeks or so, she asked about getting baptised. I really like to see that kind of eagarness to do something good.

We had an abbreviated service so that our people could run over and visit a sick member of our church in a hospital near by our home.

Here is a little raw video of the baptism. The young lady gives her name, and as part of her testimony says that she comes to be baptised in obedience to the command of Christ in the Bible.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

When the Sun Goes Down

Night time is the only time many of our people have free. We do have young people at our Puerto Rico Baptist College taking day classes, but what of our older church members with jobs?

For them we have the Night Time Bible Institute. 

We schedule classes two nights a week, two classes each night. I usually take one night and another pastor takes another. 

Here I am with some of our graduates, one of which is Luis Lopez, a deacon and Sunday school teacher in our church.

Day by day we do missions. but the work doesn't stop just because the sun goes down, so neither do we.

Friday, May 02, 2014


My wife Tina and I will be in Western Washington in June this year presenting the missionary work we do among the people of Puerto Rico.

We have most of our Sundays scheduled, but we need to schedule mid-week services and a few Sunday evenings in churches this June. Please help us share our ministry.

Our need is especially urgent as some of our supporting churches have fallen on hard times and have shrunk their missionary budgets. What we hope for is that we might raise at least $1000 of committed monthly support to replace what was lost over the years. Small amounts committed over time add up to keeping us on the field and being able to make essential house and car payments.

Besides churches, we would also be happy to accept personal invitations to speak about our field in homes or Bible study groups. We probably would say yes to any offer of hospitality, if you would be so kind as to offer any.

We have some great stuff to share! Hurry and confirm a date with us so you won't miss out on a blessing!

I serve as a church planting missionary to Puerto Rico with Continental Baptist Missions. My wife Tina and I also minister in Puerto Rico Baptist College, I as a professor and she as the cook. Our ministries are varied and extensive, including a ministry in a Christian school and a new opportunity to serve as Chaplain of the Civil Air Patrol, Puerto Rico Wing.

Please contact us at

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